Getting Started with your Website

Accessing Website Subscribers

You can now add, remove, or edit subscribers from your Town Web Dashboard. You can also export a list of subscribers. Here’s how!  Click on Subscribers from your Dashboard Home Page. To EDIT your subscribers, click on the pencil next to the subscriber you wish to edit.  To DELETE a subscriber, click on the trash […]

Adding Calendar Events

Click on the red +Create Event button on the dashboard. Add your event name Add your event category Optional: Add or select a featured image for your event Add a description for your event Select your event date. Click on the green Select button to confirm your date Select a start and an end time […]

Adding Agendas & Minutes

Click on the red +Minutes/Agendas Button to add new minutes or agendas. Add your meeting name Add your meeting date Add your meeting category *IMPORTANT: If you do not select a meeting category it will not show up on your website or send notifications to subscribers! Click on the paperclip icon under “Agenda” to add […]

Editing Ticker Bar – NEW 2022 SITES

**Note: This process is only for websites with ticker bars on our 2022 theme or newer. If you’re interested in upgrading your site to take advantage of this feature, please reach out to [email protected] If you have a ticker notice on your website already, click on “Remove” Type your notice in the text box Click […]

Adding News & Notices

Click on the red + News/Notices button Add a title for your notice Select a category for your notice Important: Make sure you select the News & Notices category if you want your message to show up on your homepage and to send notifications to subscribers! Select an image for your notice. You can either […]

Town Web Help Guide

You asked for it, we made it. We have created a downloadable PDF guide, which walks you through the basics of getting started with and managing your website. Click Here to Open and Download the Instruction Manual  

How to Log In to Your Website

This is the first and probably most important step you need when using your new web site. In 2022 we launched a new and improved version of our Dashboard, which you can visit here:   I suggest you bookmark the login page ( since you will use it often. This is the place where […]

How to Edit Regular Pages

Click on the Pages tab at the top of the dashboard.  Scroll through your list of pages to find the page you want to edit Note: You can use the search bar to find the page you’re looking for faster! Hover over the page you want to edit and click on the pencil icon to […]

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