Getting Started with your Website

Town Web Help Guide

You asked for it, we made it. We have created a downloadable PDF guide, which walks you through the basics of getting started with and managing your website. Town Web Help Guide

How to Log In to Your Website

This is the first and probably most important step you need when using your new web site. In mid-2017 we launched a new version of our Dashboard, which you can visit here: I suggest you bookmark the login page ( since you will use it often. This is the place where you will need […]

How to Add an Agenda

This will show you how to quickly add an Agenda to your site Video Walk Through for Uploading your Agenda Steps to Upload a New Agenda Login to the Dashboard at You’ll need to know your website’s URL, your username, and your password. The top-left quadrant has the four main areas for posting new information […]

How to Attach Minutes when you’ve already uploaded your Agenda

Let’s say you’ve already added your Agendas, and now you want to attach the related Minutes. This is how you can do it in just a few clicks Video Walk Through for Attaching your Minutes when an Agenda was already added Steps to Upload a Minutes Login to the Dashboard at You’ll need to know your […]

How to Use Add Audio Recordings of your board & council meetings

If you are recording audio during the meetings, here are the steps to put the audio into the Meeting Repository Written by Dustin Overbeck You can use pretty much any device to record audio during a board meeting. It could be your phone, a portable digital audio recorder or through some other device. In any case, […]

How to Edit Regular Pages

This Article and Video Detail How To Use Page Builder Written by Dustin Overbeck Here is a quick 1 minute video showing how to edit a page. Step By Step Walk Through of Editing a Page Make sure that you’re logged into the new Dashboard at Click on Modify Existing Page (see below) 3. Find the page you want […]

How to Post your News/Notices

This walk through shows how to quickly post your notices so they appear on your website’s homepage   Written by Dustin Overbeck Watch the 1-minute video For a one minute overview, you can view the video file here: Adding a New Notice Step-By-Step Guide Log into the dashboard Click on the section with Post News/Notices 3. Enter […]

How to Add an Event to your Calendar

This is a walk through about adding a new event to your calendar. Written by Dustin Overbeck   Here is a video that is less than 1 minute showing how to update your calendar: Here is a Step by Step Walkthrough of Adding an Event to your Calendar Make sure you are logged into your […]

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